Dead Man

No, this isn’t Dead Man’s Chest. Nor is it a Lone Ranger prequel. Before Depp was a Caribbean pirate or a painted brave, he was Bill Blake, an accountant-cum-outlaw on the run in the American West. Along the way, Blake is joined by a well-read indigenous man named Nobody, who becomes his guide. Like the Grandfather Peyote employed by Nobody, this film transports the viewer into a hazy space populated by symbols, signs, and visions. Working within director Jim Jarmusch’s signature hypnotic style, the performances are stylized, arch, but earnest. The effect is one of deep unease, underscored by the slow stutter of Neil Young’s electric guitar. Dead Man will be playing at the Alamo Ritz on Wednesday, May 16th at 7pm.

This review originally appeared in the Austin School of Film’s recommendations blog, MIX/VHS. Check out the full post here, including reviews of Barry and Childish Gambino!

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