Drs. Hoeller, Jung, and the Journey of the Soul

In 1982, Dr. Hoeller translated and provided an illuminating commentary to Jung’s Sermons to the Dead. This look at the early Jung’s work is fascinating – since no figure (outside of Sigmund Freud) is more important to the development of modern psychological theory than Carl Jung. Jung charted a map of the conscious and unconscious realms existing both within the individual and in society. Jung also practically invented personality psychology, and coined the extravert/introvert distinction. Jung’s diverse, esoteric study of comparative religion and mythology, populated with its many archetypes, has been made most approachable to us through the work of Joseph Campbell, who drew extensively on Jung’s theories in his Hero with a Thousand Faces, where he condensed Jung’s process of individuation into his concept of the Hero’s Journey.

Dr. Hoeller will be giving a free talk tomorrow, March 9th, at Austin’s Ecclesia Gnostica, from 8-9:30pm. I extend a warm invitation for you to attend!

This review originally appeared in the Austin School of Film’s recommendations blog, MIX/VHS. Check out the full post here!

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